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Prominent Assumptionist: MARTIN JUGIE, Byzantine Expert and Marian Scholar

Prominent Assumptionist: Martin Jugie, Byzantine Expert and Marian Scholar (1878-1954)PROMINENT ASSUMPTIONIST MARTIN JUGIE, A.A. (1878-1954)

He has been described as one of the leading Marian scholars of the 20th century and served as one of the major contributors to the definition of the Assumption by Pope Pius XII. His five-volume Theologia dogmatica christianorum orientalium (Dogmatic Theology of Oriental Christians) was considered to be the theological 'summa' of the religious thought of the Christian East, the culmination of an illustrious scholarly career.

Who was Martin Jugie? Etienne Jugie was born in the Limousin region of France on May 3, 1878. His early education took place at several Assumptionist minor seminaries until he entered the novitiate and made his first vows in 1895 taking the name Martin. He was sent to Jerusalem for his years of philosophy and theology (1896-1902) and already distinguished himself to the point that he was asked to teach Greek to younger brothers while he completed his own study of theology. In 1902, a year after his ordination, he was assigned to the Assumptionist house of studies in Phanaraki (part of Asian Istanbul), Turkey, where he taught Greek, dogmatic theology (his favorite subject), and Canon Law (1902-1914) and served for a time as director of the Greek minor seminary on site. He also contributed largely to a prestigious Assumptionist journal entitled Echos d'Orient.

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