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If you hope to progress in prayer, you must learn to wait … all your life must be a continuous waiting, like that of Anna and Simeon.
- Emmanuel d'Alzon

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Fr. General Addresses the Committee responsible for the Beatification of Fr. d’Alzon

Emmanuel d’AlzonIn late May the newly renovated committee responsible for the beatification of our founder, Servant of God Emmanuel d’Alzon, met at the general house in Rome under the leadership of the postulator of the cause, Fr. Julio Navarro.

During the meeting Fr. General, Fr. Benoit Griere, took time to address the committee members. He first thanked them for their willingness to serve on the committee. He told them that whenever he makes canonical visits somewhere in the Assumptionist world, he is almost always asked how the cause for the beatification of Fr. d’Alzon is going. In Fr. Benoit’s opinion, this interest demonstrates a real desire to see this happen and a willingness to collaborate. Even if Fr. d’Alzon was a man of discretion, there is no doubt that we Assumptionists would be delighted to see the day that the Church recognized his holiness publicly. He particularly thanked Fr. Julio for his dedication and enthusiasm.

« For us, believing in the founder’s holiness is to believe in our own personal holiness. The way he walked is our way today --- in how we pray, educate, recruit, carry out our ministry, engage in ecumenical work. His way of holiness is our way, » Fr. Benoit said.

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