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Here is the secret of holiness: be men of prayer.
- Emmanuel d'Alzon

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Don’t Be Alone on your Journey PDF Print E-mail

By Pat Haggerty

This is considered the holiest of weeks for Christians.  How often have you heard that already?  What does this week really mean for us?  How can we give it meaning?  I think we need to give it value through our daily actions and by wrapping ourselves in the stillness of the week.

Be a Servant PDF Print E-mail

In my previous blog, I was describing the Lenten arrangement that the Environmental Committee has been constructing in our church.  Bit by bit, things have been added to it.  It still conveys the image of simplicity and starkness, but there is a richness to it that accompanies the imagery.

Sit Still PDF Print E-mail

By Pat Haggerty

I was meditating one morning recently in our church.  I was being absorbed by the ambience of the environment.  Is there such a thing as “feng shui”* in a church?  Well, if there is, our church had it!  There was a perfect balance of grandeur and simplicity in the Lenten décor.

The Un-Certainty of Lent PDF Print E-mail

By Pat Haggerty

One can never be certain of the weather!  Just consider winter in the Northeast this year.  It’s been nothing like winters past.  There was a terrible snowstorm even before winter set in, and things have been fairly quiet since then.  Those anticipating beautiful snowfalls and plenty of sledding have had to resort to man-made snow or trips to Vermont and Maine.  New Englanders are coming to realize that there can be no certainty with the seasons.  One must be prepared for anything at any time.

The Greatest Gift PDF Print E-mail

By Pat Haggerty

I was trying to put some religious meaning into Valentine’s Day.  It was called St. Valentine’s Day at one point, wasn’t it?  Are we supposed to emulate this saint, and what was he all about?

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