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Interviewer – Fr. Rodel, would you share with us a bit about your background: family, childhood and early education?

Fr. Rodel – I was born in the Philippines, the fifth of six children, all boys. My father, who died in 2000, was a policeman while my mother had been a teacher. I grew up in a very active Catholic family, living near the parish church where I was an altar server. As a young boy I went to public school. When in high school I joined the choir. Later I went to the University of St. Augustine where I studied accounting.

- How did you meet the Assumptionists?

– I did not meet them for awhile because after school I worked in finance in Manila for three years. However, while in high school, I was interested in the priesthood so I went to a diocesan seminary in 2000 and did three years of philosophy and theology. In 2003 I met my first Assumptionist, Fr. Peter Precourt, A.A. which began a period of communication with the congregation. In 2006 I became a candidate with the community and worked with the Religious of the Assumption in their AMA program as a volunteer.

I then became an aspirant in 2007-8. The following year I worked with street children as a postulant. As a novice in 2009-10, I volunteered as a catechist on weekends and did some finance work for the Daughters of Charity. In 2010 I made my first vows and worked with youth in Marytown.

Where did further assignments take you?

– For the next two years I taught catechism and worked at a camp for children. This year, 2013, I began doing finance work for the Filipino delegation which led me the United Stares and Brighton in particular for a month of preparation. It has also been a wonderful experience for me to meet those in the Assumption family here in this country.

Where will this experience take you as you return to the Philippines and continue your journey as an Assumptionist?

– I will be returning home to do my fourth year of theology. In living out the charism of Assumption, I pray that I am growing in my service to others. The community’s prayer life, especially the chanting of the psalms, and community life are most important to me. My favorite scripture passage is John 15:16 and because I love music, I enjoy playing the keyboard for liturgical and prayer gatherings.

Do you have hobbies and other interests?

– Yes, I enjoy swimming, reading, music and movies.

What are your hopes and dreams for your future and that of the congregation?

– First of all, I want to serve the church as an Assumptionist priest and hopefully work with youth in the future. In addition, I pray for the continued growth of the congregation in the Philippine mission for the Coming of the Kingdom.

Note: Bro. Rodel Cervantes, A.A. was ordained on August 15, 2019.

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