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The last “Conversations at the Center” recently took place at the Assumptionist Center in Brighton and focused on such questions as: why even think about transformation vis-à-vis the Church, is it part of community, discipleship, and/or mission, or what leadership qualities does transformation call forth in and around Church?

The presenter and discussion facilitator was Dr. Eileen Daily, director of the Doctor of Ministry degree program in Transformational Leadership at Boston University’s School of Theology. Dr. Daily is especially interested in how technology can and should mediate theological and religious education.  Her other research interests are in interfaith religious education, public religious education and religious education through visual art.

In speaking about transformational leadership Dr. Daily stressed the need of a vision to inspire and motivate a group. This then takes time in order to bring about change after appreciating where the starting point is from which people begins. The time involved often requires much repartition, as setbacks often take place.

On the other hand, transformational learning looks at social communication and the needed framework for internal change.  In speaking about church, we need to look at discipleship. communion and mission. This requires prayer, openness in order to create a space and then growth. As an example, she used the recent response the large group of folks praying and singing in front of Notre Dame Cathedral during the fire. Mission then requires a reaching out to the world in a stance of evangelization.

The discussion which followed responded to her question about identifying an experience which brought about a significant change in one’s life, as to why and how this happened. This fruitful exchange of experiences was followed by further discussion and brunch.

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