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Beni School Project

Dear friends, we thought it would be of great interest to you to meet four of our students with whom we conducted a brief interview. We hope you’ll enjoy meeting them.

.MASIKA SALITA, 5th grade  

Q: Why do you like studying at Prince of Peace?

A: I like studying here for many reasons. The Assumptionists who run the school give us an opportunity for a really good foundation in the sciences. We have Mass every Thursday and I appreciate that possibility.

I think that our teachers create a climate of peace and love and treat us as if they were our parents.

Our school is away from the main roads and from downtown, so we don’t have to deal with a lot of noise and can study in good conditions.

We have nice buildings, with spacious and airy classrooms

We have a good library and good books for learning.

I love my school.

Q: What can you say of your school compared to others you know of?

A: I find that my school is different from others because here at Prince of Peace it is not often that we take days off from classes. Even when other schools drag their feet to get classes going again after there have been breaks, our teachers get back to work as soon as they can.

Q: What would you like to do when you grow up?

A: Our country, in general, and our region here, in particular, have suffered a lot. When I see everything that is happening, I tell myself that I should become a lawyer someday so that I can defend, even in some small way, the rights of those who have no voice. That would be my contribution to building up the Congo and creating a better world.



Q: What were the reasons that brought you to Prince of Peace?

A: I appreciate the presence of the Assumptionists, especially Fr. Kalondero and Bro. Mahamba Nicolas. And I wouldn’t want to forget Sr. Rebecca, an Oblate Sister of the Assumption. The quality of the education that we get here makes you want to study all the more. I was happy one day when I was invited into a 7th grade class and was able to answer two questions they were being given for their mid-term exams in religion class. That was just one proof for me that we’re receiving a very good education.  The climate in which we study is calm and favorable for learning. It’s the kind of climate that I always dreamed of.

Q: What would you like to see at this school that is providing you an intellectual and all-around education?

A: I am happy to see among all the students some children who have been the victims of the current atrocities in our region. I would like to encourage school authorities to continue to make efforts to welcome our friends who are orphans and make them feel at home here at Prince of Peace. I would also like to see the school authorities build more classrooms. I’m in 5th grade and I am not yet sure where I’ll be studying next year (editor’s note: classrooms are already under construction for 6th grade next year and classrooms have been built for and are occupied by 7th and 8th graders). Finally, I can only wish that Prince of Peace will continue to be such a good school. May those who work here double their efforts to maintain the solid and peaceful education we get. We are receiving an education inspired by the Assumptionists and are taught that education means first of all having our eyes fixed on Jesus so that we can become like him. That is our greatest educational ambition.

Q: What would you like to be when you grow up?

A: My dream is to become a doctor. I see so many people who are suffering in so many ways. I think I could contribute to caring for them if I were to become a doctor.



Rose KATUNGU MAHUNGU (no grade given)

Rose is from a pygmy family. Her parents were killed by armed militia and she was adopted from an orphanage run by the Oblate Sisters of the Assumption by a family in Beni. Prince of Peace offered her a full scholarship.

Q: How do you like Prince of Peace?

A: I am a daughter of the Assumption. I was living with the Oblate Sisters of the Asssumption and was offered a scholarship here by the Assumptionists. From first grade, therefore, I have been at Prince of Peace. Every student is treated with respect (just as they are). I have never felt different than anyone else. I love the teachers because they teach the right way. I’m very proud to be able to study. Even if I were asked to go somewhere else to study, I wouldn’t.

Q: What would you like to do when you grow up?

A: I would like to get involved in the defense of human rights. That is what is dear to my heart.





KAMBALE MUKOKORO (special student)

“This student was also a victim of the atrocities in the area. His father was beaten to death by machete blows several years ago. He, too, receives a full scholarship at the school. It gives us great joy and pride to say that, since his arrival, he has made great progress intellectually in spite of the trauma he has had to face. But he did not come alone. Two of his younger brothers are also studying here free of charge. They came with serious intellectual deficits. Kambale Mukokoro himself recognizes the progress he has made. Still it will take a lot of remedial work to bring them up to the intellectual level of their peers.

To the question about whether he would like to leave or stay at Prince of Peace, Mukokoro that even if he had to remain behind for a while to catch up to the other students his age, he would never leave. Why? Because of the affection shown to him and the other students by the teachers at the school.”

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