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If you count simply on your own strength, you will certainly fall.
- Emmanuel d'Alzon

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Patricia Morin Haggerty, Lay Assumptionist
In any given year, Lay Assumptionists would share numerous holiday activities. There would have been parties attended, activities run and carols sung. Not this year! Instead, we deliberated over how we would meet (virtually), how we would worship (livestream or in person), and how we would share holiday greetings (email or snail mail).

As everyone will attest, we had to be creative with how we would stay connected. Not only at this time of year, but since the beginning of the pandemic, connecting has been a priority. I think we have learned through it all that we are gift to one another. We have learned that, even from a distance, we can support one another. We have learned that the Assumption charism is to be treasured---and shared. We have learned that we are one!

My prayer for the New Year is that we all joyously move forward building the Kingdom and sharing in the legacy of Emmanuel d’Alzon.

Patricia Morin Haggerty, Lay Assumptionist

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