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DIARY OF THE CHAPTER - May 5, 2011The Lay People are coming
Sr. Cristina Ocaña, r.a. (Spain)

Our common charism (A.A. and R.A.) has much to offer to the Church of today. It is poweerful because our Founders knew how to present the values that our world needs today and which are fundamental to religious life, such as the warmth of community in the face of iovidualism, a simple life style in solidarity, obedience and fidelity to a person or a project. When lay people become aware of this they realizethat something more is needed in their life of faith and this generates in many of them the desire to share in the construction of a Church that is better adapted to the realities of this world.

At this time, the Assumtion which has always worked with lay poeple, is taking a further step going beyond sharing a mission. It also shares a spiritualiy that comes from the treassured charism which by being incarnated in lay people grows, is enriched and extends beyond our wildest imagination.

All of this is not easy. There are fears and resistances on both sides (lay people and religious). Leaving our comfort zones and doing things differently is always costly. It is the price we pay for life and renewal. Later on, we become aware that all this has allowed us to overcome the barriers that would prevent us from savoring the life that the Risen Christ brings us.

I am very grateful for the invitation to particiate in this excperience with the delegates to the Chapter and with the extraordiary group of lay people who seek sincerely to live this Alliance and who represent other groups every where in the world.

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